Teaching and Research

Balance One of the tricks to life is finding balance. I am not always completely successful at that, but I keep trying! One thing about my career is that I have moved between institutions that value different balance in terms of teaching and research and so there is a process of calibration that takes place to navigate the space between my personal preferences and those of the job.

Nazarbayev University after Nazarbayev

The events of the past few days in Kazakhstan are tragic. The tragedy lies in the lives of the ordinary people who will bare the consequences of the actions of elites and opportunists for the foreseeable future.

The Life of the Mind

This will be a short post. I have been thinking a lot lately about the job of a professor. I was reminded recently of the piece by Max Weber about science as a vocation linked here{target=”_blank”} and how being an academic is a career, and one that is based a lot on chance at that.

Measurement and Assumptions - Reflections on Osipian and his Nazarbayev Obsession

Note: This content was updated on 4/30/2021 to correct some typographical and grammatical errors in the original post. I have a Google alert set for Nazarbayev University. I set it when I got hired, and I have kept it even though I left NU last July to accept a tenure track position at Stephen F.