Taking Control of my Blogging and my Website

This is my inagaural post on my new website. I have set up a website using Rstudio and the ‘Blogdown’ package with the Hugo-Academic theme. I have had a website for 12 years, but always one that was a “point and click” model. All of my sites have been powered by and limited by the options of the Google Sites framework. That isn’t a bad option, but I wanted something that looked a bit more elegant, and which could fit in with my workflow, which has increasingly moved to R and RStudio over the past few years. I built the website as a way to build up my skillset. I am particularly excited about the opportunity to share snippets of work, to blog more regularly and with greater power, and to have a slick-looking website.

I am still getting the hang of things. I added and adjusted all my personal information and added my publications. I am looking forward to populating my Teaching and Research sections.

After I get all of my academic information transferred and updated on this website, I’ll also begin blogging some of my thoughts about academia, my experiences in war, and other things that interest me.