Iraq War

Twenty Years - a Reflection on the War on Terror

Sweaty Revelations The morning was cool in the high southern dessert of Arizona. We were not too far from the Mexican border. We were two weeks into our training as 97B Counterintelligence Agents for the US Army.

Detention as a Peacemaking Strategy: The 2007–08 Iraq Surge and US Detention Policy

The surge in Iraq was one of the key foreign policy decisions of the past decade. Its success prompted a second surge into Afghanistan by a new president a few years later. The success of the Iraq surge has prompted work by academics and policymakers …

Strategic Intelligence During COIN Detention Operations: Relational Data and Understanding Latent Terror Networks

One aspect of the global *War on Terror* that has received limited coverage in the academic literature is the problem of detained persons as it relates to intelligence. This is a surprising oversight, given the number of detainees that the USA has …